Darshan Yoriko Takui's Website
Course Focus
Visual art, creative movement, language and cultural exchange.

Taught in Japanese and English.
Creative Modalities
Therapeutic movement that eases the tensions and discomfort that may arise during artistic activities such as painting, clay, woodwork, calligraphy.

Poetry reading, singing, theatrical activities.
This class started as a private art class for a high school student
who loved language, Asian culture, art, music and movement.
The facilitator Darshan is a Canadian-Japanese artist who leads
the class in two languages switching back and forth fluently.

It is a fun and unique way to learn both languages.
Whether you are English speaker wishing to learn Japanese,
or a Japanese wishing to improve your English and make more
Canadian friends, you can do so creatively and effortlessly.
Place: Studio Heart Space in North Vancouver
Date: Every Other Tuesday
Time: 7:30pm - 10:00pm
Price: 20 dollars/2.5 hours
Participants: High School Students and Up
Please call Darshan for drop-in!