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More than anything, I would like to be a good listener.

If listened deeply, a dusty stone in a deserted construction zone, a twisted ankle, and a left over anger in your friend's smile, all are offering undiscovered ways to meet the world.
For the ones who listen well, the whole world is always calling out
to open their hearts and to seek beyond the familiar ways of life.
For the ones who listen well, all the mundane whisper the magic spells through which we may enter the world of new possibilities.

Human beings, we too are the creatures with wings.
Our wings are the most magnificent of all, made with sheer imaginations.
If we remember to listen for the hope, and use compassion
to generate powers in our wings, we can learn to soar further
and higher than any winged creatures.
What if each of us in all our life journey, chooses to seek
treasures from the limitless source, and bring back to share
the answers that teach us how to create joy and happiness
in our hearts?

When we begin the practice of listening and compassionate flying, we slowly reclaim ourselves as the sovereign who give and take away the meanings to our every experience.
When we consciously start to exercise this power as Creator,
a stream of hope trickles in our hearts, and its light gradually
warms our hearts from within, opening and expanding our
heart space for more love, more peace, for more of everything
we truly desire.

Curriculum Vitae