Darshan Yoriko Takui's Website
Graham Oslund
Shizue Okafuji (left) and Takeji (Okafuji-)Takui (right)
Takeji (Okafuji-)Takui:
Takeji (Okafuji-)Takui, Darshan's father is a scientist in Chemistry, Molecular Science, Quantum Information/Quantum Computing Science and related fields. He is Professor of Osaka City University, Graduate School of Science and active in conducting research projects on Quantum Information Science in Japan.

He has made significant contributions to the fields of Organic/Molecular Magnetism, Electron Spin Science, Electron Spin Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, implementation of electron spin technology for quantum computing and quantum information processing.
He has also dedicated himself to reinventing educational systems in Japan that support and deepen the growth of youth especially in the field of natural science, by hosting high school students for grand-contest in chemistry, etc.
He is Awardee of
"Silver Medal for Chemistry 2009" of International Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
(Electron Spin Resonance) Society
He has received this award for his contributions mentioned above. (
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He is Founder President of the Society of Electron Spin Science and Spin Technology (SEST).
Also, he is Founder and Chief Executive Director of an NPO:
Molecular Informatics Corporation (MIC)
~ The First Comprehensive Think Tank NPO in JAPAN ~

Shizue Okafuji:
Darshan's mother Shizue Okafuji has a great love towards literature.  She fostered her children's mind with books and stories that enrich and expand the imagination.  As a story teller, she continues to touch the listeners heart with her powerful and expressive voice.